Who We Are

Grouch’s Trash, Junk, & Hauling is the best & most personable junk removal company in the DC metropolitan area, offering full-service hauling for your home or business.

What We Do

We provide residential and commercial junk removal – for construction sites, houses, condos, apartment buildings, offices, retail locations, abandoned properties, illegal dumping remediation, and more.

Booking Your Appointment

Book your appointment online, or call   1-888-662-8432. We offer same-day service when needed, as available. On the day of the job, a member of our team will call you a half hour before your scheduled arrival time.

Grouch’s: Your Friendly Crew for Trash, Junk, & Hauling

The Grouch’s crew specializes in the art of making unsightly junk disappear!  We take care of the heavy & dirty stuff so you don’t have to, recycling everything that can be recycled, and seeing that everything else is disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner.

If you have construction debris, old furniture, appliances, electronics, tires, yard waste, carpets, mattresses, renovation debris, office equipment, electronics, or any other non-hazardous rubbish you need to be disposed of, Grouch’s is the trash company for you! We also offer demolition services, residential and commercial clean-outs, board-ups, winterization, and yard maintenance.

Our friendly and hard-working crew is ready to meet all of your junk and trash hauling needs. Grouch’s services are the best value you’ll find in the DC Metropolitan area. We pride ourselves in putting a smile on your face by by getting the job done in a thorough and efficient manner. Grouch’s Trash Hauling & Junk Removal team members have great attitudes and remove all debris with attention to detail, getting the job done in the most timely manner possible.

Our junk removal prices include:
• two professional team members, with additional crew as needed for larger jobs
• removing all designated trash, junk and debris from your home, yard, or business
• recycling and/or disposal of items as appropriate, in an environmentally responsible manner
• all associated fees, within a certain radius; additional fees may apply depending on location & size of job

Pricing & Methods of Payment

First-time customers get $50 off their final payment of $150 or more!

Call us today, or book your appointment online. We do our very best to give you the fairest price, and we ensure you will be more than satisfied with our services – that’s why we have so many regular customers.

Our trash & hauling prices vary due to the size of the job, location, disposal fees, gas prices, and other regional variables. Our truck is an 18-yard dumpster. One cubic yard is equal to the size of one washing machine.

If you would like to get a rough idea of your estimate before beginning the booking process online, call us at 1-888-662-8432, and speak with one of our team members about your hauling needs.

A standard, full-size haul typically starts at $450. This covers two crew members for two hours. Additional hours are billed at $100/hr.

We charge an $80 minimum for individual items such as a washers, dryers, or sofas, with a $100 minimum per haul.  This means if you need only one item hauled, it will be $100.  Beyond that, pricing is per item or per load, depending on how much stuff you want to get rid of.  See PRICING for a detailed list of individual items.

Our estimates are generally based on these rates:

$ 80

some individual items

$ 250

1/4 truck

$ 350

1/2 truck

$ 450

full truck

Our pricing is based both on volume & time.  Whether you’re requesting same-day or advance service, when we come to see the job, you show us what junk, trash, or debris needs to be hauled, and then we provide you with your estimate.  Understand that because of the variables involved, in some situations, it is difficult to give an exact price before the job is complete, but we do our best to at least give you a ballpark figure, and we will never price gouge you.

A flat-rate deposit of $100 is paid at the time the appointment is booked, whether online or over the phone.  Then, you pay the remainder owed as soon as the job is complete.  We accept cash, Visa, Mastercard, debit cards, money orders, and PayPal transfers.

Tips: Our team works really hard, and we pride ourselves on making you happy.  If you’d like to show your appreciation for our team members, cash tips are always welcome!

Trash Hauling and Junk Removal Services DC

Best junk removal company in the DC

Junk & Trash Removal

We remove items from wherever they are located – whether inside or outside your property, in your yard, basement, shed, or wherever. We load everything into our truck, and then sweep the area.

Appliance Recycling

Grouch’s Trash, Junk, & Hauling is the preferred service provider for appliance recycling and environmentally friendly appliance removal in the nation.

Construction Debris Cleanup

Planning on a big home improvement project this summer? For all your renovation and construction debris removal needs, count on Grouch’s Trash, Junk, & Hauling.

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